Tools developed at BioinfoGP

Our motto: A Little Help for your Great Research.

We dedicate part of our time in developing small on-line tools that help researchers interpreting and visualizing their results.

  • Venny 2.1   (Venny 2.0)
    An interactive tool for comparing lists using Venn Diagrams with support for up to 4 sets

  • FIESTA Viewer 2.0 (Currently unavailable)
    Visualizing differential gene expression results obtained by RNA-Seq (updated in 2022)

  • Researcher's Digest (Currently unavailable)
    Using text-mining techniques for converting lists of genes and their descriptions into functional clusters

  • Breaking Cas
    Designing offtargets-free CRISPR/Cas gRNAs for any eukaryotic genome available at Ensembl

  • SeqNjoy
    Complete RNA-Seq workflows in your Desktop. For Windows, macOS and Linux
  • BioinfoGP is a scientific service at Spanish National Biotechnology Centre (CNB)-CSIC