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"Oliveros, J.C. (2007). FIESTA@BioinfoGP. An interactive server for analyzing DNA microarray experiments with replicates."

  • Download the new FIESTA Viewer's starting guide here
  • Download a simple INPUT FILE here

Comparative microarray results are usually presented in the form of huge tables containing many pieces of information about each probe: Gene IDs, Gene Descriptions, Ratios, Intensities, p values, etc.



FIESTA converts these expression tables into interactive web pages:



FIESTA viewer includes interactive scatter-plots, dynamic tables and links to external sequence databases where the user can access the most updated information on selected genes with a single click.

Real-time visualization of the effect of applying any combination of filters on the data is largely facilitated.



Researchers can use FIESTA viewer to directly publish their results on Internet

The interface is based on HTML-JavaScript web pages compatible with the most popular web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
NOTE TO USERS OF Microsoft Internet Explorer 7: Due to javascript limitations, large datasets may not work with this browser. In these cases, it is recommended the use of Mozilla Firefox.


The following example ilustrates some of the features of FIESTA viewer:

  • Click here to open an example of gene expression results in FIESTA format on a new window.
  • To search for relevant genes (induced or repressed), in the "FDR (LiMMA)" cell, write "<0.05" (without quotes) and press "Search".
  • You can access the details of the genes filtered in the table "Filtered".
  • Use the zoom to click on any filtered gene to add it to the table "Selected".
  • Feel free to combine several filters to perform complex queries (for example, restrict the search to induced-only genes by writing "> 0" in the "logRatio (M)" cell).
  • For a list of features, click "help" at the upper-right corner.

    NOTE: The data used here to ilustrate the FIESTA viewer is a re-analysis of part of an experiement submitted by Dr. Rachel Tompa (UC San Francisco) to Gene Expression Omnibus database (GSE4934).


    FIESTA viewer is freely provided by BioinfoGP to the scientific community.


    Developed by Juan Carlos Oliveros.

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