Welcome to BioinfoGP!

Our service provides CNB's research groups with bioinformatic support for the analysis, visualization and interpretation of both genomics and proteomics-related projects. Among other services we provide:

  • Assistance on experimental design for deep sequencing and DNA microarrays experiments
  • Biostatistical support for extracting quantitative results from genomics or proteomics projects
  • Functional annotation of relevant list of genes or proteins
  • Periodic courses and tutorials on bioinformatics
  • In short, at BioinfoGP service we try to fill the gap between the complex outcome of the many powerful biostatistical methods available and the final researcher's needs.

    What would you do if you could sequence everything?
    Avak Kahvejian, John Quackenbush & John F Thompson, 2008

    Juan Antonio García Martín, Juan Carlos Oliveros Collazos, Luis Almonacid Romain, Rafael Torres Pérez

    Contact: bioinfogp.cnb.csic.es

    BioinfoGP is a scientific service at Spanish National Biotechnology Centre (CNB)-CSIC